How Can Technology Help My Aging Mother

How Can Technology Help My Aging Mother?

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  Gone are the days of blinking VCR clocks. Technology is on an upward throttle to improve our lives and it’s now easier than ever. Seniors of all ages can—and should—enjoy the life-simplifying and life-changing benefits of the modern age. Caretakers and children alike will find their lives equally simplified from some of these amazing products. SAFETY FIRST Surveys consistently …

Tips for staying active during the winter for seniors

Tips For Staying Active During the Winter for Seniors

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  The winter season can become especially trying for seniors and their children. Due to cold weather conditions, seniors are forced to stay indoors and start to feel isolated. Driving conditions are too dangerous and they have a higher risk of falling. This is a serious issue as well as isolating seniors can be harmful to their mental health. A …

The 3 Types of Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss – Communicating With A Hard of Hearing Parent

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  Hearing loss is becoming more and more of a significant problem in our aging community.  According to Mayo Clinic about 25 percent of people in the United States between the ages of 55 and 64 have some degree of hearing loss.  For those who are older than 65, the number only increases to almost 1 in 2. It can …

Maxi Dress The Dressy Wear

Maxi Dresses

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  In our age group we’ve seen a lot of clothing “trends” come and go and then return again!  The maxi dress is one of those trends!  I bet there is a maxi dress hanging in your closet as you are reading this post. It is quite a versatile piece of clothing for any woman, especially those in our three …

summer weddings

Summer Weddings

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  June through August are statistically the most common months for weddings.  The summer wedding season is a great time to pull out the more colorful dresses or separates you have in your closet. I’ll break down 3 different classifications of weddings and supply some suggestions for what to wear to these fun and celebratory events. The Outdoor Wedding The outdoor wedding could …

Holiday Side Dishes for a Healthy Alternative

Healthy Holiday Side Dishes

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With Thanksgiving now behind us, many of you have begun planning for Christmas or New Year’s Evemeals. If you’re like me, and love traditional favorites, but after Thanksgiving, you’ve had your fill, and are looking for something a bit different, and healthier, try these recipes. I’ve recently prepared them and can’t get enough of! These recipes are healthy, as mentioned, …

Caregiver Cheat Sheet for Holiday Planning

Caregiver Cheat Sheet for Holiday Planning

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  Are you someone’s primary caregiver? With the holidays quickly approaching, your schedule is bound to become busier than usual. As we delve into the hustle and bustle of this time of year, it’s more important than ever to make sure you are fully prepared to meet the needs of those you care for.   Chances are, whether you’re providing …