Physcial Therapy

Physical Therapy Vs. Occupational Therapy

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  Accidents occur even in our best health, and unfortunately, seniors hold one of the highest rates of accidents that result in personal injury. This can be a traumatic time for everyone, and injury assessment and rehabilitative therapy are crucial to the healing process. Therapy can be presented in many forms, but today we’re going to take a look at …

Writing Through Caregiving and Loss

The Benefits of Journal Writing Through Caregiving and Loss

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  Caring for an aging parent for many people is a stressful, demanding and exhausting period of time. It can consume our time, attention and emotional energy as we cope with our loved one(s) needs. Mired in extra chores, doctor’s visits, medical decisions and family dynamics, added to the demands of our own lives, we are stretched thin. When we …

Art Therapy

Art Therapy

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  Mental health is as vast and deep as the brain itself. Mental health professionals argue total body health is impossible to achieve if we neglect this important facet of our lives. Stigmas continue to follow psychotherapy but the field is growing and expanding. One aim of therapists and psychiatrists alike is to make therapy more accessible in order to …

How Seniors Benefit from Art Therapy

How Seniors Benefit from Art Therapy

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Most of us are familiar with the numerous forms of therapy used to treat the mind and body. Psychotherapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy all have components that address issues of prevention, wellness, healing, and rehabilitation for their patients. Psychotherapists and mental health counselors use a variety of therapeutic techniques to help patients with their emotional and psychological health. The …


Music Therapy Benefits Alzheimer’s Patients

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  Many associate forgetfulness with old age, but one disease diagnosed primarily in elderly patients severely affects the memory of over five million Americans.  Sometimes known as “old timer’s disease”,  Alzheimer’s most often affects patients over the age of 65. A form of dementia, the disease causes changes in the brain which initially cause mild memory issues. In later stages, …


Driving Rehabilitation Specialist

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You have just come from the doctor and your doctor wants you to get a driving evaluation.  He has given you the name of a DRS (driving rehabilitation specialist) and you are even more confused.  What is driving rehab and who is a DRS? Driving rehabilitation is a specialty service typically offered by an occupational therapist that has specialized training.  …