Activities in Houston For Seniors

Activities for Houstonian Seniors

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  Houston is the fourth largest city in the country with over two million people in the city limits alone. With the addition of the Greater Houston Area suburbs, the city is a mega metropolitan area with unlimited resources for Houstonians. Whether your hobbies include sports, art, food, sciences, government, the beach, the theater or symphony, or specialized groups for …

Chair Yoga for Seniors

Chair Yoga for Seniors

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  Chair yoga! It may sound contradictory, but fitness gurus are bringing this breath and stretch intensive exercise to people with disabilities, inflexibility, weight challenges, or difficulties getting on the floor. Even those suffering from arthritis or multiple sclerosis are able to participate and reap the benefits of chair yoga. What is Yoga? Perhaps the word sends a chill down …

Safe and Fun Low Impact Exercise for Seniors

Safe and Fun Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors

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We all know the importance of eating a well-balanced diet and staying physically active; we are bombarded on the internet, on television and in virtually every magazine about the benefits of exercise and the costs of avoiding it and just in case we missed any of those, our doctors remind us on every visit. It is impossible to deny the …

I just retired and I don't know what to do with the rest of my life

I Just Retired and I Don’t Know What to Do With The Rest of My Life

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  John got his first job right out of college. His engineering degree placed him on a career path that lasted thirty five years. There were choices and compromises to make along the way but he enjoyed his work, raised a family and had money in the bank when he approached his sixty-fifth birthday when he planned to officially retire. …

volunteer opportunities for seniors

Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

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Albert Schweitzer, German theologian and philosopher, among his many accomplishments said “The only truly happy people are those that have learned to serve.” As a volunteer myself, I have learned this to be especially true, and as an activity director, I’ve helped implement many volunteer programs for the seniors I have worked with. I have also mentored volunteers as well, …

gardening for seniors

Gardening for Seniors

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The calendar and outside temperatures may be reminding us that it is still winter, but spring will be here before we know it! It’s already time to start thinking about gardening, whether you plant vegetables or enjoy planting seasoning flowers throughout the year. Yet, as we age, the joy of gardening can become a task, especially if suffering from mobility …

Grandchildren Are Good For The Soul

Grandchildren Are Good For The Soul

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Today’s world is drastically different than when our nation’s seniors were youngsters.  But throughout the ages, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed – the special bond between grandparents and their grandchildren. In the old days, it was very common to see extended families living under one roof. The younger generation was able to care for their aging parents, who in …