How Can Technology Help My Aging Mother

How Can Technology Help My Aging Mother?

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  Gone are the days of blinking VCR clocks. Technology is on an upward throttle to improve our lives and it’s now easier than ever. Seniors of all ages can—and should—enjoy the life-simplifying and life-changing benefits of the modern age. Caretakers and children alike will find their lives equally simplified from some of these amazing products. SAFETY FIRST Surveys consistently …

Hydration For Seniors

Hydration for Seniors

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  Summer doesn’t officially start until late in June, but in most places, the heat has hit. It’s essential for all of us to consume more water in the warmer months, but it’s an absolute must for seniors. Seniors often wear warmer clothing, even in the summer, so heat stroke can literally sneak up unexpectedly. Allowing yourself to become dehydrated …

How to avoid senior scams

Top 10 Senior Scams and How to Avoid Them

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  The incidence of financial abuse and exploitation among seniors is increasing at an alarming rate. According to, a Consumers Digest report estimates that nearly 5 million cases of financial abuse occur in the United States on an annual basis, and of that staggering number, government officials and law enforcement officers learn about only 1 in 25 cases. Since …


Pet Natural Disaster Kit

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Whether it’s because of climate change or other reason, the rate of natural disasters seems to be increasing. In addition, many areas of the country experience regular hurricane seasons, wildfire seasons or flooding seasons that regularly endanger lives and property. People are expected to have a natural disaster plan for themselves, but also remember that pets depend on people completely …