Social Workers Help Keep Patients Healthy

Social Workers Help Keep Patients Healthy

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  Frequent visits to the emergency room are more common among the elderly for several factors. Some may be fatal while others may be minor incidences that may not require intimidate medical care. You often hear of hospitals needing additional medical care professionals.  Social workers are among the most sought out health care professional needed to assist in caring for …

Lunch at the farmer's market - Panzanella Salad

Lunch at the Farmer’s Market – Panzanella Salad

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  I’m originally from North Carolina, and this time of year, especially as I grew older, became my favorite season. Gardens, for the most part, were just coming into harvest. My grandparents planted, not one but two gardens, in addition to a fruit orchard. Nothing beat vine ripe tomatoes, of several varieties, and fresh boiled corn on the cob! As …

Break Out the Chocolate - For Your Good Health!

Break Out the Chocolate – For Your Good Health!

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  Our prayers have been answered – researchers now say that chocolate is good for your heart. It may not officially be a health food, but Willy Wonka may have been on to something. There is definitely some value to the sweet and delicious treat! While Coca Cola was first marketed as a medicine back in the late 19th century, …

Chair Yoga for Seniors

Chair Yoga for Seniors

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  Chair yoga! It may sound contradictory, but fitness gurus are bringing this breath and stretch intensive exercise to people with disabilities, inflexibility, weight challenges, or difficulties getting on the floor. Even those suffering from arthritis or multiple sclerosis are able to participate and reap the benefits of chair yoga. What is Yoga? Perhaps the word sends a chill down …

Hydration For Seniors

Hydration for Seniors

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  Summer doesn’t officially start until late in June, but in most places, the heat has hit. It’s essential for all of us to consume more water in the warmer months, but it’s an absolute must for seniors. Seniors often wear warmer clothing, even in the summer, so heat stroke can literally sneak up unexpectedly. Allowing yourself to become dehydrated …

Tea Remedies

Tea Remedies

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If you search Google for “Tea Remedies” there are literally 22,400,000 results!!! This list definitely won’t scratch the surface of all the benefits of tea or all the combinations of tea ingredients you can combine to get different flavors or results. But, we’ve found that combining results from Pinterest and Google…there are A LOT of helpful sources about tea.  By the time …

Senior Celebrities - How They Stay Young

Senior Celebrities – How They Stay Young

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  Getting older can bring about a lot of physical changes – new wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots. Sometimes it happens slowly and other times all at once, leaving you to look in the mirror and ask, “Who is that face?” In Hollywood, it can seem like the entire city was dipped in a Fountain of Youth. Stories about facelifts, …