How Can Technology Help My Aging Mother

How Can Technology Help My Aging Mother?

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  Gone are the days of blinking VCR clocks. Technology is on an upward throttle to improve our lives and it’s now easier than ever. Seniors of all ages can—and should—enjoy the life-simplifying and life-changing benefits of the modern age. Caretakers and children alike will find their lives equally simplified from some of these amazing products. SAFETY FIRST Surveys consistently …

Tips for staying active during the winter for seniors

Tips For Staying Active During the Winter for Seniors

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  The winter season can become especially trying for seniors and their children. Due to cold weather conditions, seniors are forced to stay indoors and start to feel isolated. Driving conditions are too dangerous and they have a higher risk of falling. This is a serious issue as well as isolating seniors can be harmful to their mental health. A …

Recreational Activities for Seniors in the Houston Area

Recreational Activities for Seniors in the Houston Area

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  Those of us lucky enough to live in the Houston metro area, have plenty of entertainment and education opportunities, no matter our age. The city of Houston’s Parks and Recreation Department has numerous Senior Community Centers throughout the city, which offers a full variety of options for today’s active center. If you’re over the age of 55, but are …

Seniors Stay Highly Entertained by the Internet

Seniors Stay Highly Entertained by the Internet

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  The internet isn’t just for kids and teens buried in their smart phones. A treasure trove of information and memories to the golden days of television, radio, and great company are ready at your fingertips! From the novice to the most experienced surfer, we’ve compiled an excellent selection of webpages to get your started on your information highway journey. …

5 Reasons Why it is Important for Seniors to Have Hobbies

5 Reasons Why It Is Important For Seniors to Have Hobbies

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  Reaching retirement is something of a golden ticket – no more work, no more alarm clocks, no more Ethel in Accounting making your life miserable, no more enduring Tom’s awful tuna fish sandwiches stinking up the office every Wednesday. Once you cross that finish line, you’ve got it made! The world is your proverbial oyster and nothing can get …

Safe and Fun Low Impact Exercise for Seniors

Safe and Fun Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors

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We all know the importance of eating a well-balanced diet and staying physically active; we are bombarded on the internet, on television and in virtually every magazine about the benefits of exercise and the costs of avoiding it and just in case we missed any of those, our doctors remind us on every visit. It is impossible to deny the …

Staying Active as a Senior

Staying Active as a Senior

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By: Max When people stop exercising, especially as they get older, their risk goes up for partially preventable ailments such as heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure. The good news is that a little bit of daily exercise can go a long way. Although exercise may seem difficult when you’re just starting out, each time you approach the activity …


Easy Gardens for Seniors to Maintain

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Gardening is one of the best activities to enhance our physical and emotional wellness. Being outdoors, working the soil, and experiencing almost instant gratification when your efforts pay off, is richly satisfying.  The health benefits of gardening areabundant, no matter if you choose a simple project like creating a small container of flowers or designing an elaborate garden bed system. …