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Senior CompuCare Services

Want to learn more about Computers?

Are you a senior and have the desire to learn more about technology, but don’t know where to start?  Does using a computer, tablet, smartphone or just a digital device in general become more of a frustration rather than enjoyment?  Senior CompuCare was created to help seniors with everyday computing.  It’s for Seniors and taught by Seniors!  

Some of the items taught by Senior CompuCare:

  • Computer Basics
  • MS Office
  • Email Training
  • Business Reporting Tools
  • PC Repair and Security
  • Digital Photography

Currently they have multiple training options:

  • One-on-One
  • Small Groups (3-10 per class)
  • Structured Courses
  • Remote Access

Not only does Senior CompuCare provide the training options above, but they’ve also added computer training for veterans, businesses and training for kids.

Interested in learning more about Senior CompuCare?

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