Penrose Senior Care Auditors

Penrose Certifed Senior Care Auditors®

Do you worry that your senior loved one is okay, that they are being well cared for, and that the caregivers are doing what they are supposed to be doing? Penrose Senior Care Auditors® visits seniors wherever they live, conducts an observational 7-Factor Audit™, and sends your report to you via email. Penrose Senior Care Auditors® created this new, affordable, ongoing senior care service to improve the lives of seniors and provide peace of mind among their loved-ones.

Penrose Senior Care Auditors® created the senior care audit service – and set the Senior Care 7-Factor Audit™ standard.

When a PenroseCertified® senior care auditor visits your senior and conducts the 7-Factor Audit, they are helping to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of your loved-one. The 7-Factor Audit™ is conducted while the auditor is on-site visiting your senior. They login to a proprietary Senior Care Audit Center. Once completed, your senior care audit report is automatically emailed to you.

Senior care audits assess living conditions through the lens of health and safety. For senior care auditors, clutter means potential slips or falls. A low-level of supplies could signal poor nutrition. Or, a strong urinary odor may be a sign of unsanitary conditions or a need for a medical check-up. There are no medical or financial audit items.

Penrose Senior Care Auditors’® 7-FACTOR AUDIT

Penrose Auditors check over 150 items including:

  • Cleanliness / Clutter – by facility/home and senior area/room
  • Odor – by facility/home and senior area/room
  • Caregivers / Home-Care – performance, friendliness, and accessibility
  • Operations / Maintenance – working order of appliances, HVAC, and technology as well as maintenance of facility/home
  • Supplies – food, toiletries, etc.
  • Senior – observations of mood, hygiene, and signs of abuse
  • Other – customized items such as pet care

Penrose Certified Senior Care Auditors are not certified to:

  • Administer or monitor medications
  • Help with bathing, dressing, toileting, or eating
  • Assist with transferring
  • Audit or administer finances
  • Cook or prepare meals
  • Clean or straighten up
  • Evaluate health or mental status
  • Communicate directly with caregivers
  • Touch or move the senior
  • Negotiate living conditions or arrangements
  • Share findings with senior or facility

Generally, our auditors work Monday through Saturday between 9:00am and 5:00pm. Each audit takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Affordable Fees = Small Investment for Peace of Mind

Most clients request weekly audits for a monthly fee less than 5% of the average monthly assisted living cost – at about $40 – $100 per visit/audit. Call for a custom quote.

Optional Services

All clients’ needs aren’t the same. The menu of services below helps to meet specific needs at an additional, affordable fees:

  • Emergency Visits
  • Audit Report Conference Calls
  • Residence Additional Audit Spaces
  • Senior Care Facility Additional Audit Spaces
  • Additional Related Senior at One Residence

About Penrose Senior Care Auditors®

Company CEO and Founder Rhonda Harper knows from personal experience how difficult it is being responsible for a senior loved-one. Taking care of her father led her to founding Penrose Senior Care Auditors.

In July 2013, she became responsible for her 83-year old father’s care. Navigating blindly through the senior care landscape, she landed on an upscale, new assisted living community in Dallas, Texas. Within the first month she uncovered that the staff regularly neglected their duties. Laundry wasn’t done. Beds weren’t made. The sinks were dirty. Worse yet, bruises were on his arms.

Harper began wondering what do people who can’t regularly, for whatever reasons, check on their loved-ones.

In February 2014, Rhonda Harper launched Penrose Senior Care Auditors®, Penrose Certified®, Penrose Senior Care Auditors® Certification Program™, and the Penrose Senior Care Auditors® Seal of Excellence™ to help others who are responsible for aging senior loved-one’s care.

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