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Is Home Health Care Right For You?

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Home is where you hang your hat, or so the saying goes.  But we all know that home is much more than that. It’s comfortable.  It’s familiar.   And in many cases, it’s where seniors can continue to live independent lives – with a little help from home health care services. Staying in their own homes and maintaining independence is very …

Can You Afford Assisted Living? The VA Can Help!

Can You Afford Assisted Living? – The VA can help!

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The Center for Elder Veterans Rights – Kristen Vanderkooi, Esq. Can you afford assisted living?  Hundreds of seniors and their families are struggling with this question every day! According to a recent report from the Assisted Living Federation of America, the average annual cost for a one-bedroom assisted living apartment is currently over $36,000.  And these costs do not include …


5 Ways to Stay Close While Your Parent are In a Care Home

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Your elder parent (or even your spouse) has moved into care home. They’re settled, and even starting to make connections. You visit them often—every day, every other day, but you’re starting to feel disconnected. Your conversations seem to not move past the niceties of weather and what was for dinner last night. You’re happy (and relieved) that they’re receiving good …


Senior Living Location: Family Matters

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You’ve been searching for an assisted living home and you’ve narrowed down your choices. They all seem good, so how do you choose? One important factor to consider is location. Research has shown that the elderly in care homes whose family members visit regularly receive better care. Why? Two important reasons factor in: accountability of the staff and the benefit …

Memory Care Adjustment - Granddaughter caregiver with Grandmother

Are You Visiting Too Much? – 3 Memory Care Tips

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Your loved one is in a memory care home. It might have been difficult to get them there but you know it’s the best thing. Maybe you promised you’d be there every day. Maybe you promised they could call at any time. Maybe you’re starting to realize those promises might not have been such a good idea. Repetitive thoughts and …

New Assisted Living Home

3 Tips on Adjusting to New Assisted Living Home

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Moving into an assisted living home means some big adjustments for everyone. Don’t be surprised if you–or your loved one—feels unsure. Am I making the right decision? Will it ever feel like home? Will I make new friends, and do I even want to? The National Institute of Health encourages family members to become familiar with the staff and all …