Therapy Services

Therapy services, also known as Rehabilitation services, is services that are specialized healthcare regimens dedicated to improving, maintaining or restoring physical strength, cognition and mobility. Therapy is usually prescribed to give persons their independence after they have experienced an illness or injury.

Therapy is given by experts who have specialized in a certain form of theray/rehabilitation service. They are able to create a specialized care plan based on the need.  These include areas such as:

Physical therapy  Often referred to as “PT”, Physical therapy is for increased strength and mobility
Occupational therapy – also referred to as “OT” gives assistance in rebuilding or improving one’s everyday living skills.
Respiratory therapy – “RT” as its sometimes calls is for those patients who have trouble breathing
Speech and language therapy – Also known as “ST” is specialized therapy for improving communication skills.

A person may be ordered to complete a form of therapy if they have suffered from one of the following illnesses or conditions. Therapy is not limited to the below, but often for those who have had

• A stoke
• Head Injury
• Neurological disorder
• Spinal Cord injury
• Arthritis
• Amputations
• Hip Fractures
• Orthopedic surgery
• Joint replacement

Rehabilitation therapy is prepared by a team of doctors, nurses and therapist and other healthcare personal who have experience with advanced technology or specialty in the field.

Therapy is great because each plan is built on the individuals own personal needs. And therapy can be completed in multiple different ways such as-

Outpatient therapy – patients travel to and from a clinic or a hospital to receive treatment and then return home the same day.
Rehabilitation Hospital – Patient is admitted for a certain amount of time to receive care on a more full time basis
Home Health Care – patients receive therapy in the comfort of their own home. Care comes to you!

Anyone who has limited function from an injury or an illness can ultimately benefit from a form of therapy. Referrals may be made for patients who are at home or are in the hospital. Referrals come from persons such as Physicians, discharge planners (hospital), case managers, and many more. We recommend you speak to your healthcare professional today if you feel you or a loved one could benefit from a therapy program.