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It’s not everyday you run into a genuine person who wants to help people and specifically the elderly.  Kate, Founder of GrandmaSays App, is one of those people.  Kate and her partner Matt have developed an app that helps family members keep constant communication flowing between each other about their loved one.  This takes the strain off the family and keeps miscommunication at bay.

Key Points About GrandmaSays App

  • It’s for the families to use to communicate about the loved one. (not for the loved one to use or the facility to use)
  • Every time someone visits the loved one, all family members receive an update saying that “Grandma got a visit today” (If no one visits in a week, the family will get an update saying the loved one didn’t get a visit.)
  • You can put in health updates about the loved one such as, “no longer eating solid foods” and these updates will be automatically emailed to all family members in the app.
  • There is an interactive part with the loved one where family members visiting can take photos and ask questions about the loved ones past such as, “Tell me about your first kiss.” Those answers can be shared on social media, and also, of course are synced with family members..
  • The app can be used for any family who has a disabled loved one in a long term care facility or even if they visit them in a residence weekly, monthly, etc. The “Questions” part can really be used on anyone.
  • Everything shared on the app can not be deleted by other family members, once it’s up it’s there for all to see.  No family member can sabotage photos, voice recordings, etc.

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  • Founder: Kate Arney-Cimino – GrandmaSays App Creator
  • Website:
  • Phone: 303-931-9551