The Future of Senior Living

The Future of Senior Living: What’s New, What’s Emerging

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Senior living has changed – and for the better Yes, there are still nursing homes whose long hallways are marked by light wood handrails, white walls and pale green industrial tiles. Yes, there are still assisted living communities whose wide passageways are lined with patterned carpet, ornate wallpaper and gold light sconces. These common characteristics in and of themselves are …

Trending - Tiny Homes for Retirement Living

Trending: Tiny Homes for Retirement Living

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  Over time the cost of living has continued to soar, along with housing.  Home property value seems to be more difficult to sustain.  Thus the prospect of retiring with limited stress due to the high cost of home ownership responsibilities seems to be an increasing concern for the elder generation. This growing concern for seniors often centers on the …

An Insider's Look at Durham North Carolina Part One

An Insider’s Look at Durham, North Carolina – Part One

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  Changing Life In An Old Tobacco Town My husband and I and our two young children moved to Durham, North Carolina almost twenty five years ago. New York transplants, we found ourselves adrift in a vastly different climate, culture and environment. Durham was both bigger and smaller than we were used to, having lived in a small town outside …

Senior Life in Raleigh North Carolina

Senior Life in Raleigh, North Carolina

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  “The proportion of those age 65 and older in Raleigh-Cary, N.C., has increased by 60 percent since 2000, the largest uptick of any metro area in the United States,” according to U.S. News and World Report. There’s a reason for this! North Carolina offers a little bit of everything to area residents with easy access to a whole lot …

assisted living what you need to know

Assisted Living: What You Need to Know

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A place for people who need “just a little assistance” is one of the most commonly used definitions for assisted living, but it’s a much too simplistic one. Assisted living care is not so easily defined. While it is no longer the newest or currently “trending” senior care setting, assisted living (AL) is still a rather young industry. The first …

Downsizing Tips for Seniors

Downsizing Tips for Seniors

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  For many Americans, raising a family means upgrading to a bigger house.  And that means filling it with more and more stuff.  But now you’re a senior.  The kids are gone.  The stuff is gathering dust and it’s finally time to downsize.  You’ve earned it. Don’t let “downsizing” feel like a demotion!  Think of it as a way to …

Assisted living laws in the golden state

Assisted Living Laws Improve Senior Living in the Golden State

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Whether you were born and raised there or you’re just yearning for a little sunshine, California has always been on the radar of those looking to retire in a warmer climate.  And why not?  It’s got everything you could want in retirement living. There’s sun, sand, golf courses, wine and citrus fruit all for the taking.  But as they age …

Assisted Living Costs of Care

Assisted Living Costs of Care

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Assisted Living Costs of Care for Seniors is an important topic for the aging of the baby boomer generation and their families.  Knowing the facts and statistics can help you plan properly for retirement.  Genworth Cost of Care Survey 2014 has compiled data from around the United States from Home Care Providers to Adult Day Health Care Facilities, Assisted Living …