Hurricane Preparedness for Seniors and Their Pets

Hurricane Preparedness for Seniors and Their Pets

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  While it’s still cool and spring like in most parts of the country, it’s getting hot here in Houston. Each summer, those of us that live in coastal areas, begin hearing about the approaching hurricane season. According to The National Hurricane Center’s website,, the Pacific Coast hurricane season begins on May 15th and ends on June 30th. For …

What Really Makes You Sick

In Sickness and In Health – Myths About Your Health

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  What’s the craziest advice you’ve ever gotten about staying healthy?  How about this one – wear garlic around your neck to keep from getting sick.  Or fill your socks with Vick’s VapoRub to get rid of a cold.  You may be rolling your eyes and laughing out loud at those, but there may be some other common misconceptions that …

elder abuse

Elder Abuse: How to Recognize the Signs

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  According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, the number of aging individuals who are subjected to mistreatment or neglect is approximately 5 million and rising and according to 2010 article in the American Journal of Public Health, one in ten Americans 60+ experience abuse each year, making Elder Abuse a leading concern for the senior community. What is …

Financial Planning

7 Critical Financial Decisions to Make Before Age 65

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There are numerous milestone birthdays throughout our lifespan that hold special significance. Becoming a legal adult at age 21 is one of those important markers. The beginning of each decade often proclaimed begrudgingly starting in middle age as “The Big 40,” defines certain expectations we have of ourselves and how others view us. Reaching age 65 has particularly strong associations. …

Identity Theft

Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

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The good news is seniors are embracing technology as studies are showing a significant increase in internet use by older adults. The bad news is because of this, seniors are becoming prime targets for online identity theft. According to the Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book, (a reporting entity for the Federal Trade Commission), older adults 50 and above made up 47 …

Leaving the hospital

Health Care Tips When You Leave the Hospital

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Going into the hospital for any reason is a stressful experience. An unexpected stay due to injury, illness, or emergency surgery is a particularly scary event. Even a scheduled hospitalization has its share of unknowns and difficult situations. Although your time inpatient receiving the care you need will hopefully be short, one of the most crucial aspects of hospitalization is …