Charlotte North Carolina - A Popular Place to Retire

Charlotte, North Carolina – A Popular Place to Retire

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Charlotte, North Carolina slid into the number ten spot on Forbes Top 25 Best Places to Retire List in 2013. It’s easy to see why seniors would choose the Queen City as their retirement home. There is something for everyone. One of the top draws of this southern city is the climate. If you like a warm climate with seasonal …

Retiring in Houston

Retiring in Houston

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  Planning for retirement can be intimidating. Market fluctuations can make investing a tricky, and sometimes disappointing, game. Determining where to live and what to do after working for decades can be overwhelming. Settling on the ins and outs of medical coverage, community, and hobbies can seem impossible. U.S News discussed 25 Things to Do When You Retire, encompassing everything …

Interview with Boomers Pot of Gold, Eileen Hopkins

Interview with Boomers Pot of Gold, Eileen Hopkins

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Eileen Hopkins, blogger of Boomers Pot of Gold, talks to us about her outlook on retirement and what she believes are a few pit falls of it.  Read about her journey in becoming a blogger and the things that inspire her to continue writing.  She also gives advice to those looking to retire soon and talks about her bucket list. …

assisted living what you need to know

Assisted Living: What You Need to Know

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A place for people who need “just a little assistance” is one of the most commonly used definitions for assisted living, but it’s a much too simplistic one. Assisted living care is not so easily defined. While it is no longer the newest or currently “trending” senior care setting, assisted living (AL) is still a rather young industry. The first …

I just retired and I don't know what to do with the rest of my life

I Just Retired and I Don’t Know What to Do With The Rest of My Life

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  John got his first job right out of college. His engineering degree placed him on a career path that lasted thirty five years. There were choices and compromises to make along the way but he enjoyed his work, raised a family and had money in the bank when he approached his sixty-fifth birthday when he planned to officially retire. …

Downsizing Tips for Seniors

Downsizing Tips for Seniors

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  For many Americans, raising a family means upgrading to a bigger house.  And that means filling it with more and more stuff.  But now you’re a senior.  The kids are gone.  The stuff is gathering dust and it’s finally time to downsize.  You’ve earned it. Don’t let “downsizing” feel like a demotion!  Think of it as a way to …