Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

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  There are few companions better than a dog. Loyal, lovable, and often cuddly, dogs are known as Man’s Best Friend for a multitude of reasons. Over the last several hundred years, we have bred them to be one of our best companions and assets. Cats are still largely feral due to the stray population, but dogs have been ready …

Hurricane Preparedness for Seniors and Their Pets

Hurricane Preparedness for Seniors and Their Pets

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  While it’s still cool and spring like in most parts of the country, it’s getting hot here in Houston. Each summer, those of us that live in coastal areas, begin hearing about the approaching hurricane season. According to The National Hurricane Center’s website,, the Pacific Coast hurricane season begins on May 15th and ends on June 30th. For …

Healing power of pets in seniors lives

The Healing Power of Pets in Seniors’ Lives

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If you’ve ever known the love and joy a pet can bring to your life, you also know it can be hard to define and explain to people who haven’t. Although there are friends and family members on whose love we depend, having a pet in your life is a very different experience. The relationship you have to human loved …

Pets for seniors

A Senior’s Ten Best Bets for Pets

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Pets are great for seniors.  Studies have shown that pets provide major health benefits to their owners.  And they’re especially good for the heart – both the anatomical and emotional kind. So how do you choose?  Think about where you live, how mobile you are and any allergies.   And don’t forget to factor in any childhood pets or longtime affinity …

Shih Tzu Puppies

The Best Dog Breeds For Seniors

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Dogs provide us with entertainment, companionship, love and security. Caring for a dog can ease loneliness, stress, and pain, and this is especially true for the elderly. The devoted companionship of a dog has been shown to encourage senior citizens to become more physically active, emotionally responsive and cooperate better with caregivers and doctors, all of which can provide a better quality of life. …

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Seniors and Pets: A Bond Like No Other

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You may have heard that pets help seniors stay healthy.  But until you see it in action, you can’t fully understand the bond between the two.  Sometimes, neither can they. Irene had always liked animals and had a soft spot for the strays that her three boys dragged home when they were young.  But her husband, Art, was more of …