Red Sandals

Red Sandals for Many Different Outfits

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To me, sandals are the epitome of summer and warmer days! Even when the weather is starting to cool down, I like to hold onto the thought of the balmy days of summer by wearing my sandal shoes as much as possible.  Who doesn’t love showing off their tootsies?  (Actually I do know a couple women who shy away from sandals …

Maxi Dress The Dressy Wear

Maxi Dresses

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  In our age group we’ve seen a lot of clothing “trends” come and go and then return again!  The maxi dress is one of those trends!  I bet there is a maxi dress hanging in your closet as you are reading this post. It is quite a versatile piece of clothing for any woman, especially those in our three …

Kimono Outfits

Kimono Outfits

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Kimonos are an article of clothing that I’m going to suggest as a necessity for every woman over 50.  This item of clothing is not something I would expect to find already in your closet, but it’s such a versatile piece that it should be.  The definition of the kimono is a loose, flowy garment…it’s really like a lightweight cardigan. For a …

summer weddings

Summer Weddings

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  June through August are statistically the most common months for weddings.  The summer wedding season is a great time to pull out the more colorful dresses or separates you have in your closet. I’ll break down 3 different classifications of weddings and supply some suggestions for what to wear to these fun and celebratory events. The Outdoor Wedding The outdoor wedding could …

Senior Fashion for Men and Women

Senior Fashion for Men and Women

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  Have you ever watched a fashion show on the TLC network called “Love, Lust, or Run”? Or how about a show called “Style by Jury”, “Fashion Police”, or “What Not to Wear”? Chances are, if you haven’t seen these shows, you’ve at least heard about them. Aside from “Fashion Police”, which pretty much mocks celebrities in their fashion choices, …