Writing Through Caregiving and Loss

The Benefits of Journal Writing Through Caregiving and Loss

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  Caring for an aging parent for many people is a stressful, demanding and exhausting period of time. It can consume our time, attention and emotional energy as we cope with our loved one(s) needs. Mired in extra chores, doctor’s visits, medical decisions and family dynamics, added to the demands of our own lives, we are stretched thin. When we …

Art Therapy

Art Therapy

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  Mental health is as vast and deep as the brain itself. Mental health professionals argue total body health is impossible to achieve if we neglect this important facet of our lives. Stigmas continue to follow psychotherapy but the field is growing and expanding. One aim of therapists and psychiatrists alike is to make therapy more accessible in order to …

Coping with the loss of a parent

Coping with the Loss of a Parent: Beyond the 5 Stages to Action!

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  If you recently lost a loved one, you may have encountered information about the five stages of grief. Swiss Psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross introduced the stages in her 1969 book, On Death and Dying, identifying them as: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. The stages may occur in any order, even concurrently. Her research says you may skip some stages, …

I'm sixty, single, and afraid of the future

I’m Sixty, Single, and Afraid of the Future

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“Old age ain’t no place for sissies.”  Bette Davis If you live long enough to see the truth in Bette Davis’ words chances are good you’re over fifty! When we’re young adults we think the decisions at hand are weighty, when we’re raising our children we know they weren’t that tough. When we reach the senior years decisions take on …

I just retired and I don't know what to do with the rest of my life

I Just Retired and I Don’t Know What to Do With The Rest of My Life

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  John got his first job right out of college. His engineering degree placed him on a career path that lasted thirty five years. There were choices and compromises to make along the way but he enjoyed his work, raised a family and had money in the bank when he approached his sixty-fifth birthday when he planned to officially retire. …

My Son Moved Away and Never Calls

My Son Moved Away and Never Calls

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  Midlife brings with it many challenges. One of the most difficult for many women is adjusting to their children becoming independent adults.  Monica reached out to me not long ago completely bereft and confused by her son’s seemingly sudden disconnect. Here’s a bit of the story. Monica married right out of high school and had the first of three …

SAD and Depression

Be Aware of SAD and Depression This Winter

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January has been designated “National Mental Wellness Month” and for many reasons the timing couldn’t be better. For many, post-holiday let-down and “winter blues” brought on by looking ahead at the long winter months before spring combine to affect us in a different ways.  We could use a reminder to pay extra attention to our emotional wellness. But a mental …

Depression Affects Caregivers Too

Depression Affects Caregivers Too

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Though depression is common among the 65+ population (the National Alliance on Mental Illness estimates that 6.5 million of the country’s 35 million seniors experience it), it is a common challenge for caregivers as well. However, there is a fine line between normal caregiver stress and true depression, and as many caregivers are typically so consumed with their care responsibilities, …