Adult Day Cares

Adult Day Cares

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Adult day cares or senior centers are a great option for any senior citizen especially those that need extra care or attention. Adult day cares offer senior citizens a healthy and sociable environment while also providing them with their medical needs. Below is a guideline on adult day cares and what they offer.

What Is An Adult Day Care?

An adult day care is a place where senior citizens can spend the day while their caregivers are working or busy. Seniors can either be dropped off or picked up for a day of social interactions in a safe and secure environment. It is a great option for any caregiver that needs some help watching their loved ones.

What Types of Adult Day Care Are There?

There are typically three different kinds of day cares to choose from. The first is a social day care, the second is a medical day care and the third is an Alzheimer’s day care. Each has their own benefits and below we have a description of each of the different types.Social Day Care

Social Day Care

Social day care is usually a fun and interactive environment. Seniors often go to social day care so they can meet other seniors, do senior friendly activities and to have someone keep an eye on them while their loved ones may be working or busy. Social day care is often the most laid back atmosphere of all the different kinds of day care. Seniors often have a chance to do many activities including knitting, yoga and reading. Although it is a social day care they can still help seniors with diet restrictions as well as medications and such. This type of day care is perfect for avoiding your loved one from becoming isolated. Another great benefit of a social day care is that they ensure that seniors stay on a routine and have at least two meals a day and a snack to take home.

Medical Day Care

Medical day care is a lot like social day care except they are more medically equipped making it better for seniors with specific medical needs. Medical day cares can keep an eye on seniors while also medically helping them. They may administer medication, check their vitals, give them therapy or assist them with any other medical need. This is a great option for seniors who may need extra care and attention. Most medical day cares will have medical staff on site to assist if a need arises. Usually the staff consists of a registered nurse or a licensed vocational nurse, certified nurse aides, and or home health aides and medication aides. Some centers will also have a primary care physician that comes in once a week to see patients of the medical day care. This type of day care center will also provide at least two meals a day. In most cases Medicare will cover the cost of medical care for the seniors, but will not cover non-medical related custodial care.

Alzheimer’s Day CareMedical Day Care

This type of day care specializes in seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other forms of memory loss. Employees are usually trained and experienced in dealing with seniors who suffer from Alzheimer’s and other forms of memory loss. Caregivers can feel confident knowing their loved ones will be watched and tended to in a safe, friendly and secure environment. All activities are tailored to each senior and assists in establishing a routine.

What Activities Adult Day Cares Provide

Depending on which adult day care you choose seniors can take part in a variety of activities. Below are just some of the activities that may be offered at different day cares.

– yoga
– knitting
– reading
– dancing
– movies
– card games
– bingo
– painting
– crafting
– exercising

What Medical Needs Can Adult Day Cares Provide

Adult day cares can offer seniors a variety of different medical needs. It all depends on what day care you specifically choose. Below are just a few of the medical needs that adult day cares may offer for seniors.

– Massages
– physical therapy
– occupational therapy
– memory improvement
– special dietary needs
– help seniors with taking their medication
– speech therapy

What Other Services Adult Day Cares OfferOther services offered

As well as social and medical needs adult day cares may also offer a variety of other services. Some offer transportation to and from the day care so caregivers can get seniors there safely. Day cares may also offer counseling for seniors in need or even relaxation treatments and techniques. Some day cares may also monitor seniors stats such as blood pressure and weight and may even take steps to help improve any areas that need improving.

Why Choose Adult Day Cares?

The best thing about adult day cares is they are offered on a daily need to use basis. This is perfect for last minute emergencies when you need someone to keep an eye on your loved one. They are also a great option for caregivers who may need a break from the day to day routine yet want to make sure their loved ones are still taken care of.

Benefits of Adult Day Cares

Not only are adult day cares a great way to make sure your loved ones are safe they are also a great way to ensure they are interacting with other people their age. Below are just a few of the key benefits to using an adult day care.

– social interaction
– physical interaction
– improves memory and motor skills
– find new friends in the area
– medically cared for
– gives caretakers and seniors a break from their daily routine
– offers an experienced caretaker to watch your loved one while you are unable to

Overall there are so many benefits to using an adult day care center. Seniors have a chance to remain active and social while still being medically taken care of. Caregivers can have the peace of mind of knowing that trained and experienced caregiver is filling in for them. Adult day cares are a great option for seniors as well their caregivers.

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