A Body In Motion

A Body In Motion

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The correlation between activity and healthy living has always been known and accepted. If one eats well and exercise, than a healthy body is sure to follow. What is not widely known and understood is the fact that one does not have to do the basic form of exercise such as jogging, crunches, biking, etc. If these generic activities are not for you, find a form of exercise that not only promotes a healthy body, but also a happy and healthy mind.

NPR recently explained that those who exercise for fun tend to receive 95 percent more of the benefits than just exercising out of necessity. NPR suggests for those who like to hike, try and take a stroll every morning or afternoon, for those who like to play tennis, take a trip down to the tennis court for a fun a stress free game. What NPR is trying to explain is the fact that exercising should not be thought of as a chore, but instead thought of as one of the best parts of the day because it helps relieve stress.

Those who should pay the most attention to health sustainability are both the children of senior citizens as well as those who are 65+.

The Importance of Adults Staying ActiveAdults Staying Active

Despite the common knowledge that exercise promotes a healthy and happy life, the biggest road block is the actual activity that will make it so. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highly recommends that each adult does at least 150 minutes of exercise per week. This means around 20 minutes of light walking, jogging, biking, or swimming each day in order to enhance the overall quality of life. In addition to this, the CDC even recommends each individual to take the time to complete muscle strengthening exercises such as push-ups and sit-ups.

The most important organ in the body is the heart which can only maintain healthy through cardiovascular exercise. This means that the heart rate must be beating fast and the individual must be sweating in order to maintain a constantly healthy heart. Think of the heart as a house. The house must be maintained constantly in order to stay clean and aesthetically pleasing. The heart is the same way. The heart must be constantly maintained through exercise. Cardiovascular exercise will reduce the risk of fat buildup as well as high cholesterol in the arteries. This will reduce the risk of any potential visits to the hospital due to a stroke or a heart attack.

The most important reason to exercise is not for the weight loss, but instead for the reduction of potential life threatening diseases. The lack of a healthy living style can increase the chance of obtaining type 2 diabetes in addition to several types of cancer. The increase in the risk of disease is due to visceral fat growth. Visceral fat commonly grows within the abdominal cavities that surround many vital organs.

For both seniors and adSeniors Staying Activeults, constant motion in the body improves the overall quality of life. Not only does one feel fit, but exercise also improves mental health. Regular exercise improves sleep quality as people tend to sleep a constant sleep cycle when body exertion is practiced. A full sleep cycle increases mental alertness as well as the overall mood. A boost in the overall mood can also brighten up a work environment or class room environment as people are most influenced by others’ moods.

The Importance of Senior Citizens Staying Active

Studies have shown that senior citizens can gain a lot when practicing physical exercise. One of the most important benefits that can be provided through exercise is the delaying of potential diseases. Scientists have proved that physical exercise can delay diseases and disabilities. Even chronic conditions can be avoided through exercise.

One of the most beneficial forms of exercise that should be practiced as a senior is walking. Taking a 20 minute stroll around the neighborhood not only improves balance, but also builds the immune system that prevents common illnesses.

Recommended Exercises

It is recommended to do at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise each day. This includes walking, biking, and swimming which also improve balance. In addition to this, seniors should participate in weekly strength training at least twice every week to avoid muscle deterioration. The biggest piece of advice that any senior citizen could receive is that exercise should be looked at as a positive aspect and not as a negative aspect. To receive the full benefits of exercise, one must enjoy it, rather than feel forced to complete it.

One of the most important outcomes and benefits of constant exercise and movement is the boost in self-esteem. Confidence is something that is vital to the overall mood. Those with confidence tend to excel with their job or school work. Confidence means that one feels as though can tackle anything which is something that anyone would want to aspire to have. So with this informative post, it is advised to continue or start exercising with the knowledge that it will help if it is not already.

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